I’m an agile coach, I help businesses transcend how people work together 
Clients that hires me are hungry. They have concerns and they want results.

“A friend loves you as you are
A coach loves you too much to leave you at that”


Here’s some of their concerns you may relate to

You feel that the work rarely makes sense?
➔ Check out my Agile Coaching services

You are starting a new Agile role and you want do it right
➔ Check out my role trainings

You’re a manager in an organisation transitioning to Agile… isn’t that a paradox?
➔ I run an Agile management program: Managing in Complexity

You’re into an Agile transformation and the way it runs… is worse than the way your company runs in the first place?
➔ check out my Strategic Transformation coaching

You’re a startuper, you have special needs
➔ I run dedicated workshops and coaching specific for Startups

Or maybe you just want to pick my brain
My talent to make you see angles you didn’t think about is unmatched
➔ I do dedicated coaching meeting on a topic that you care about and for which you will have my undivided attention