The two most important thing for a successful transformation are
1) to clarify what is at stake for you and your organisation in the short term
2) to acknowledge that a perfect plan is not going to work 

What you need is a dynamic approach to lead this change in your organisation, based on a vision and a strategy led by a circle of highly aligned individuals.

“you would sell me better with a ready-made approach”, a client told me

I know, a ready made plan is easier to buy. “We’ve seen it before, here’s the plan that hundreds of clients have used before”. But it won’t work.

Since 2011 I approached the science of change management (John Kotter, Jim Collins among others) to help clients that were facing very heavy stake. Here are a couple of examples of this at work

Reversely, as Agile transformations spreads I’ve witness first hand some pretty ineffective approach, derivatives of the Big Agile Plan: the Big Agile Center approach, the Big Bunch of Coaches approach, The Big Agile KPI approach.

Does this ring a bell? If you are looking for a strategic guidance for your transformation get in touch with me and we will set up a call.

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