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Total blog overhaul (in progress)

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After a year on a break, the web site is on massive overhaul, reboot-style. It comes out of both a need and an accident

A camp base for the new international me, integral view

While looking for work outside France, I realized I had like zero trail in english on Google. After trying a first batch of English articles last year, I’m now turning the whole blog to English.

Many readers also tells me they read both my blogs since they see connections between both topics, and they expect that from me. They’re right, my thoughts have always integrated Agile and personal topics, and so my life. So I’m merging both blogs, it will be easier for everyone.

Actually, over years I professionally lack a single place where to show pieces and bits of my various commitments and inspirations (blog post, agile material, sessions, professional reference, etc). I’ll try a different writing process on this new version.

So I needed a new name, right ?

My genius friend Emilie Esposito came up with the bold domain name of http://guillaume-unlimited.com. It kicks me in the butt. I want to live up to this statement.

Thank you hackers, now I have a blank slate

Just as I was thinking of changing my blog step by step, my domain has been hacked several times. 10 days down in April, some technical changes to enforce its maintenance. Hello Broken links, missing illustrations, and SEO rank zero.

I took that as a sign : let’s restart from a blank slate. I gave up any attempt of continuity, template is black on white and some illustrations has to be fixed. But now I’m free to move fast.

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